Rhinoplasty, The Surgery That Molds The Nose

This aesthetic operation improves the appearance of the nasal structure and achieves a more proportionate face.

Achieving the ideal nose is possible, thanks to rhinoplasty. It is a surgical intervention focused on correcting the deformities of this part of the face, or simply improving an aspect that has not convinced us. Do not forget that showing the best face is always important and is the first letter of introduction in front of others.

That is why, on many occasions, an imperfection in the nose causes certain discomforts in the day to day of people who feel that the size or shape is not consistent with their facial structure. This is where aesthetic medicine offers the possibility of getting a new look.

Despite the fact that it is usual to highlight the aesthetic advantages of rhinoplasty, it is also common to resort to it to improve nasal function. In this article, we explain everything you have to know about this aesthetic treatment.

The Male Nose Has Its Peculiarities

It is increasingly common to find men who are concerned about their physical appearance and who also try to improve it through aesthetic medicine. Many times they feel that the size or shape of the nose is not adequate for their face, or it may be the case of patients who have deformity caused by breathing problems.

It should be noted that, in the male case, there are certain particularities in the skin and the bone and cartilage framework that require planning the operation, as well as evaluating these characteristics:

  • Physiognomy of the nose and its structure. They are generally larger and thicker than in women.
  • Oily skin. It is characterized by being sebaceous and, consequently, it can present greater inelasticity, which can influence the final result.

Nose Surgery In Detail

Rhinoplasty lasts a minimum of one hour and a maximum of two. We explain what this technique consists of, step by step:

  • Type of anesthesia. For women, the use of local anesthesia plus sedation or general anesthesia is considered, the latter being considered the most appropriate for this intervention.
  • In men, there is the possibility of using general anesthesia or epidural plus sedation.
  • Incisions. As for the cuts, they are made on the underside of the nose or at the base of the wings.
  • Mold the shape. Then, after the incisions, the skin is removed from the nasal framework, whose structure is bone and with cartilage. This support can thus be molded until the final appearance is achieved.
  • Complementary to other surgeries in men. There are patients who, while correcting their nose, want to achieve a more balanced look through other complementary treatments, such as face fillers or chin implants.
  • End of intervention. It is necessary to wear a plaster cast, which thus ensures the newly proportioned silhouette. Men also need to wear caps for the next two days.
  • Hospitalization. A night of hospitalization is recommended for men who, after discharge, can return home. This is not normally necessary in women.

Permanent Results

In men and women, the new appearance of the nose is definitive. A natural and balanced appearance is obtained. In women, the final result is visible after one month and in men, between 10 or 20 days. This facial change is accompanied by an increase in self-esteem by seeing a better proportion of facial features.